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Welcome to Acute Foods! We conveniently source organic,
non-GMO food raw material in bulk all the way from Africa

What We Do

We bring you the best that Africa has to offer, pure, organic and wholesome food - for you to use as raw material in what your customers want from you, from freshly brewed coffee, to lip-smacking chocolate, to almond roca, and much more!


Why Us

In this global, fierce economy - the last thing you want is lose business because of not embracing the reality of the world we live in. We conveniently get you what you need for very competitive pricing with a proven record of on-time shipments right here


Our Products

Below are some of the many products Acute Foods sources from Nigeria

  • Our starch is extracted from mature cassava tuber
  • Our starch is characterized with high thaw stability, rich viscosity and clear paste qualities
  • Its industrial grade application in pharmaceutical, fuel, textile, papermaking, adhesive and cosmetics industries
  • Its food grade application as an emulsifier, stabilizer, binder, anti-lumping agent, and texturizer for food and beverage industries and personal use.
  • Acute food is a dependable supplier and exporter of food and industrial grade cassava starch.
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  • Our Palm Kernel Oil is derived from the Kernel of the palm fruit (Elaeis guineensis) tree that grows primarily in Africa and Asia.
  • Our oil is rich in myristic and lauric fatty acids, which gives the oil its antibiotic properties.
  • Palm kernel oil is largely utilized in soap making as base oil and in cosmetics industries for skin care
  • Products from our palm kernel oil can anticipate longer shelf life over 2 years
  • Our palm kernel oil is a cost effective substitute for coconut oil and cocoa butter oil
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  • Fresh ginger root each weighs from 5-10 ounces each from Northern Nigeria
  • Acute Foods only source for high quality organic ginger roots for distribution.
  • Our fresh ginger carries high zesty flavor, with diverse use as agent in sweeties, soft drinks, beer and a main condiment and seasoning.
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  • Our Shea Butter appears pale yellowish color in unrefined state
  • Our refined Shea is is naturally rich in Vitamins F, E and A.
  • Our Shea butter has mild sun protection and excellent skin moisturizer components
  • Our refined Shea butter is often utilized for soaps and cosmetics industries
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